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For Delmar Publishing to consider your book for publication, you must provide a book proposal consisting of the elements outlined below. Please do not send a complete manuscript unless asked to do so. All submissions are evaluated on the basis of content, author credentials, and marketability. Submissions that do not conform to these guidelines are rejected. We will accept electronic submissions, which may be sent to



Send us your bio or curriculum vitae. Include information on professional credentials, current occupation, previously published works, any public speaking or promotional experience you have, and any television or radio appearances you have made.


Supply detailed information on the marketability of your book, including:

Book summary and purpose

Book’s unique content and characteristic

Target audience

Market size, description and demographics

Ways you intend to promote the book

Competing titles and sales figures

Specific information not provided by comparable titles


Please DO NOT submit spiral-bound or two-sided copies of your manuscript. Please send no more or less than the following:

A. Detailed outline of the book (please do not send spiral bound manuscripts)

B. Table of contents.

C. Introduction.

D. Two sample chapters


Manuscript Format Requirements

In preparing the manuscript sample, please observe our format requirements (these also apply if you are asked to send a complete manuscript):

  • Manuscript Paper: If you will be sending your proposal via USPS, use standard (8 x 11), good-quality white typing paper. Do not use erasable bond. Print on only one side of the paper.

  • Print Quality: Use letter-quality type. Make type as clean and legible as possible.


Spacing and Type Size: All text, tables and caption material must be double-spaced. Allow at least one-inch margins on both sides, top and bottom. Use at least 12-point type.

  • Chapter and Section Titles: All words in these titles should be upper- and lowercase.


Spelling: Use the first spelling listed in the most recent edition of Webster's New International Dictionary or Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

  • Punctuation and Style: Use a serial comma. Refer to the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style regarding numbers and any other points of style.

  • Pagination: (applies to complete manuscript only): Pages should be numbered continuously throughout a manuscript, not chapter by chapter.



If your proposal is submitted by any method other than e-mail, and you would like to have it returned to you, you must include a self-addressed, stamped (not metered) envelope of suitable size and with sufficient postage to return your proposal. Materials received without an appropriate SASE will not be returned.

Postal regulations prevent us from using a SASE to return parcels weighing 13 ounces or more, therefore neither submissions weighing 13 ounces or more, nor your SASE, will be returned.

Do Not Send Originals

All materials you submit should be copies only, not originals. We are not responsible for submissions that are lost, sent without a return address, sent without an appropriate SASE or submissions that exceed the returnable weight limit. Include a cover letter containing your name, return address and daytime phone number with your proposal. The cover letter is for our records and will not be returned to you.

We will accept electronic submissions, which may be sent to 

If you are sending a printed proposal, please send to:

Delmar Publishing
Attention: Editorial Committee

202 Utica Ave. 
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Please note:

Due to the volume of submissions, Delmar Publishing cannot guarantee response times or send personalized responses to individual proposals. All submissions are read in the order they are received, and responses are made by mail. Response time may be up to six months from date of receipt. If you do not include a SASE with appropriate postage, your submission will not be returned. Under no circumstances do we accept phone calls or emails regarding submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

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